Hi! My name is Phillip Schmidt. I was born, raised, and continue to live in the great state of Minnesota. I started making pots midway through my college years under potter Kirk Freeman and received my Bachelor’s degree in art with an emphasis in ceramics in 2009. About a year after graduating, I asked Steve Rolf (aka S.C. Rolf) about a one-year apprenticeship and we began a conversation that eventually led to me having a relaxed apprenticeship with him. To me this was like having Michael Jordan teach me how to play basketball, I was so excited! Steve and his family and I fast became friends and our relationship continues today. I am married to my beautiful wife Angela and have two little boys, Paxton and Augustine! I am an avid baker and we enjoy binge-watching netflix, playing at the park with the kiddos and going to bed at a reasonable time.

I tend to make cups and bowls with a smattering of other functional pots thrown in. These are glazed and fired to cone 10-11 in a reduced atmosphere or fired in an oxidised atmosphere to cone 02. I like simplicity and try to keep my pots, decorations, and glaze recipes this way. I make things that I find to be the most gratifying hoping that others will also share in my joy and be enriched. The wisest man ever to live said, “There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This too is from the hand of God, for apart from him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?” My clay heroes are Steve Rolf, Kirk Freeman, Guillermo Cuellar, Warren Mackenzie, and Dick Cooter. Boom baby.

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  1. Hey Phillip, my name is Brandon Lepasti. I am friends with Jay Rainey. He mentioned your unique butter dish design. My wife and I have been looking for the right butter dish. I am wondering if you have any photos you can share? If so, can you please email them to me? Thanks!

    1. Hello Ray,

      Thanks for the encouragement! It’s always a work in progress, but that progress can take a year sometimes haha. I am glad you enjoyed it!

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