Pottery Sale!

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! I am hosting a Christmas pottery sale and YOU’RE INVITED! Here are the details. Where: 1791 County Road E W When: Dec. 1, 5-9 PM; Dec. 2, 10-4 PM There will be a ton of […]

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Trimming a Cup or Yunomi

Here is a quick demo of me trimming a cup or yunomi. First I tap to center, then trim. A quick note about tapping to center: this version of centering on the wheel for trimming is extremely fast and I […]


2014 Christmas Pottery Sale!

Heyo!! It’s that time of year folks!  Potters Micah Schedler, Joel Willson, and Peter Paul will be joining me again this year. We have all been working hard to make the best pots for you! And as always, there will […]


Mugs for Calvary

Well it’s been too long! I took some pictures of mugs I lugged over to Calvary Baptist Church. These were made at the beginning of summer. I had a ton of fun with handles and really felt free to do […]

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My Favorite Glaze Recipes

  Older test tiles for different soda fired glazes. I am quite happy with the glazes I use. Of course, if you know any artist, anything we might be happy with tends to change quite frequently and dramatically. But for […]

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Can you throw 200 pots a day?

I never thought I could. But I see other potters doing it every day! Where might this strange phenomenon be happening every day? At a production studio of course! I was recently hired on as a potter throwing for a […]


Make your own Trimming Tools!

Have you ever wanted to fashion your own trimming tools for trimming your pots? There are many different things you can use to trim clay, but the loop tool design is one of my favorites. This post will show you […]

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14th Annual National Juried Cup Show

I was recently accepted as one in 40 participants in a national cup show! The exhibit is going on now through April 5th at Kent State’s School of Art Gallery and the cup is for sale through the gallery. I […]

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Homemade Caramels!

Mmm…who doesn’t enjoy homemade goodies, especially when that goody is a chocolate salted caramel?! I recorded the making process so that YOU TOO could make these delicious delicacies. They are not hard, contrary to popular belief. They do take some dedication […]

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Christmas Sale is this weekend!

Dear readers, I cordially invite each and every one of you to come to my annual Christmas pottery sale! Here is a sneak peek to what you may find hiding amongst the many fine pots for sale this year. Be […]

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A recent firing

Yo!Some recent work coming at ya. These handles turned out very sexy. Temmoku is a wonderful glaze. Puttin’ out more eye candy in hopes you are motivated to attend my Christmas Pottery Sale! It’s coming up soon, December 7th and 8th!

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Christmas Pottery Sale!

The annual Christmas sale is coming upon us! Just like last year, I will be showing with three other great Minnesota potters. The location is different this year–we are in Shoreview, just 10 minutes north from the heart of the […]