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Trimming a Cup or Yunomi

Here is a quick demo of me trimming a cup or yunomi. First I tap to center, then trim. A quick note about tapping to center: this version of centering on the wheel for trimming is extremely fast and I […]

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My Favorite Glaze Recipes

  Older test tiles for different soda fired glazes. I am quite happy with the glazes I use. Of course, if you know any artist, anything we might be happy with tends to change quite frequently and dramatically. But for […]

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Can you throw 200 pots a day?

I never thought I could. But I see other potters doing it every day! Where might this strange phenomenon be happening every day? At a production studio of course! I was recently hired on as a potter throwing for a […]

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14th Annual National Juried Cup Show

I was recently accepted as one in 40 participants in a national cup show! The exhibit is going on now through April 5th at Kent State’s School of Art Gallery and the cup is for sale through the gallery. I […]

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Christmas Sale is this weekend!

Dear readers, I cordially invite each and every one of you to come to my annual Christmas pottery sale! Here is a sneak peek to what you may find hiding amongst the many fine pots for sale this year. Be […]

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A recent firing

Yo!Some recent work coming at ya. These handles turned out very sexy. Temmoku is a wonderful glaze. Puttin’ out more eye candy in hopes you are motivated to attend my Christmas Pottery Sale! It’s coming up soon, December 7th and 8th!

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Christmas Pottery Sale!

The annual Christmas sale is coming upon us! Just like last year, I will be showing with three other great Minnesota potters. The location is different this year–we are in Shoreview, just 10 minutes north from the heart of the […]

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Recent Studio Work

My wife gave me the day off from watching Paxton so I could work on pottery! Not happy with some other mugs I had made earlier, I threw some more mugs and added in some bowls for kicks. Bowls upside […]

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How to make a Hakeme brush

So I visually mowed the city’s lawn looking for the perfect grass to use in these brushes. It takes a lot more grass than I thought it would. And picking off all those grains at the tips was a little […]

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Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour

I almost forgot to mention that I will [hopefully] be attending the Western Wisconsin Pottery Tour coming up on October 12-13th! Both my college professor (Kirk Freeman) and my pottery mentor (Steve Rolf) will be featured this year! Needless to say […]

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Hakeme Pottery!

Good’ay friends! I have been busy in the studio making more work for the Christmas sale again. I decided to bring along my video camera to document some of the ways I work. I am both a maker and a […]

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Pots for Christmas Sale

Hello! I keep forgetting to get pictures of the pots when I am at the studio. Alas, I have finally done it. My lovely wife let me have a “me day” this past Monday. She took Pax up north and […]