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Trimming a Cup or Yunomi

Here is a quick demo of me trimming a cup or yunomi. First I tap to center, then trim. A quick note about tapping to center: this version of centering on the wheel for trimming is extremely fast and I […]

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Homemade Caramels!

Mmm…who doesn’t enjoy homemade goodies, especially when that goody is a chocolate salted caramel?! I recorded the making process so that YOU TOO could make these delicious delicacies. They are not hard, contrary to popular belief. They do take some dedication […]

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Recent Studio Work

My wife gave me the day off from watching Paxton so I could work on pottery! Not happy with some other mugs I had made earlier, I threw some more mugs and added in some bowls for kicks. Bowls upside […]

pottery, video

Hakeme Pottery!

Good’ay friends! I have been busy in the studio making more work for the Christmas sale again. I decided to bring along my video camera to document some of the ways I work. I am both a maker and a […]