Well it’s been too long! I took some pictures of mugs I lugged over to Calvary Baptist Church. These were made at the beginning of summer. I had a ton of fun with handles and really felt free to do some different things I haven’t normally done. Some turned out better than others, but all in all I am happy with them. The Shino-glazed pieces were also a line of creativity…pardon the pun. Every piece is kind of an experiment, but that tends to be how I do things. Always testing, always experimenting! Enjoy the photos!

Shino Mug with funky handle

Oops! Over-edited photo. Oh well.
Yellow Salt glaze.

Shino Mug with newer style handle and sexy line.

Small tea mugs.
Shino glaze with finger swipe (left) and iron brushwork (right).

Funky handle and Parisian mug. Temmoku glaze.
Personal fave. Shino mug with bear-claw finger swipes. Simple shape.

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