I keep forgetting to get pictures of the pots when I am at the studio. Alas, I have finally done it. My lovely wife let me have a “me day” this past Monday. She took Pax up north and sewed with her mom. What did I do all day long? I made pots big guy.

Cup, upside down, unfinished, “hakeme” (Japanese technique of dipping into white slip and brushing it off)

Cup, hakame style decoration, unfinished

Cup, bottom side up, unfinished

Cup, unfinished (meaning not fired…)

Very large mixing bowl, maybe 8 quarts, unfinished

Cups and bowls awaiting glaze application

My son, Paxton, at the beginning of this photoshoot.

Cups and bowls, unfinished, some upside down

Bowl with marks, unfinished

Raw mugs, bowls, and cups waiting to be bisque fired

Bowl detail, upside down

Bowl detail

Large platter with high walls, faceted decoration

Large platter, high faceted walls. 17″ diameter
More cups and bowls and mugs, waiting for glaze

Detailed shot of the back shelf
More platters, approximately 16 inches diameter
My son, very upset, at the end of the 10 minute photoshoot.

All these pots are unfinished. I wanted to give you a glance at what I have been up to for the last month or so. I am making pots I really enjoy using in the kitchen. This includes bowls, cups, and mugs. Perhaps some vases will come later, along with some larger works.

These pots are being made in preparation for a Christmas sale! I am planning on having one in early december, perhaps the first or second weekend. I will keep you updated!

One thought on “Pots for Christmas Sale

  1. I really like the look of the hakeme pot in the first picture! Also, I use the butter bell you made me ALL the time. There are many envious friends in Sweden. And, Pax looks adorable. Even if he is upset.

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